Triumph Labs, Inc.

Effective Date: March 2, 2022

Last Updated: March 15, 2023

  1. Introduction

Triumph Labs, Inc. ("Company" or "We") takes your privacy seriously and is committed to protecting it through our compliance with this policy.

The Company provides software to game developers to allow them to integrate and offer to the players of their games (each a “Player” and together “Players”), this policy covers all information collected in a game using Triumph’s software, including:

(i) leaderboards that publish Player scores in a given game category or multi-game category (”Leaderboards”);

(ii) match-making between real players which may or may not include leaderboard functionality (”Match-Making”); (iii) real-cash prize tournaments and other real-cash prize games, including, in certain cases offering of leaderboards, ,match-making, and the creation and development of real-cash entry prize structures for each tournament or game with a prize (”Real Cash Tournaments”).

The third-party game developers (“Developers”) or the Company may publish the games. In each case an application that integrates the Company software is referred to as an “App” in this Privacy Policy and the Company software that is integrated into each game the “Triumph SDK”.

This policy describes:

This policy applies only to information we collect in the Triumph SDK and in electronic communications sent through or in connection with the Triumph SDK. This policy DOES NOT apply to information that:

Our websites and other third parties have their own privacy policies, which we encourage you to read before providing information on or through them. Please note that some Developers may have privacy policies that expand the scope of the permissible use of your data, including data collected by the Company and shared with such parties and any such additional scope of use agreed to by you will supersede the limitations of this with respect to such agreed additional scope Privacy Policy.

Please read this policy carefully to understand our policies and practices regarding your information and how we will treat it. If you do not agree with our policies and practices, do not download, register with, or use the App. By downloading, registering with, or using the App, you agree to this Privacy Policy. This policy may change from time to time (see Changes to Our Privacy Policy). Your continued use of the Company Apps after we revise this policy means you accept those changes, so please check the policy periodically for updates.

  1. Age Limits.