Responsible Gaming Policy

At Triumph Labs, Inc. we are committed to promoting responsible gaming practices and ensuring the well-being of our users. Although skill-based real money gaming is legally different than gambling and skill is the determining factor in outcomes individuals may find themselves unable to play responsibly. We recognize that gaming should be an enjoyable and entertaining experience, and it is our responsibility to support our users in making informed choices about their gaming habits. To uphold this commitment, we have implemented the following Responsible Gaming Policy:

  1. Self-Exclusion:

Users who feel they need a break from gaming or want to exercise control over their gaming activities may request to self-exclude.

Self-exclusion can be initiated by contacting our support team by text message from a phone associated with the contacting users account or through the support chat feature on the Triumph App.

Upon receiving a self-exclusion request, our staff will promptly mark the user's account as banned from gaming activities pursuant to this policy.

The self-exclusion period will be determined by the user, with options ranging from temporary suspension to permanent exclusion. If a user requests permanent exclusion they will not be able to use the app with their existing phone number.

During the self-exclusion period, users will be unable to access their user wallet or participate in any real-money gaming activities but can play free games using the Triumph App if not logged into an account.

When a user requests self-exclusion, our staff will ensure that any remaining balance in the user's account is returned promptly.

The available balance will be refunded using Venmo, Paypal, or by check made out to the user. If the user has not accomplished Triumph’s verification process they must do so to receive any wallet funds, please see the Terms and Conditions accessible via the Triumph App for more information.

Refunds will be processed swiftly and efficiently to minimize any inconvenience to the user.

  1. Support and Resources:

We provide resources and information to help users make informed decisions about their gaming habits.

Our support team is available to assist users who may have concerns about their gaming behavior or who require further assistance with self-exclusion.

We encourage users to reach out for support if they feel they are experiencing gaming-related issues or if they need guidance on setting limits.

Support can be found on the websites and helplines attached to this policy.

  1. Responsible Gaming Tools:

We offer a range of tools and features to empower users to manage their gaming activities responsibly.

Users can set deposit limits, time limits, and session limits to control their gaming expenditure and time spent on our platform.